Dianabol Cycle

Dianabol is a potent anabolic steroid, used by novices as well as experienced users to help add muscle mass and strength over a short period of time. Due to methandrostenolone’s characteristics and properties, it is usually used for bulking purposes. Technically it could be used for a cutting cycle, however there are better steroids out there for this purpose.

Like most other oral steroids, Dianabol has a C17-Alpha Alkylation modification allowing it to pass through the liver without being destroyed. Due to this modification, Dianabol puts strain on the liver and therefore should not be taken for longer than 6 weeks or at doses higher than 50mg a day. To help protect the liver while taking Dianabol, be sure to take a liver aid such as LIV52 and to drink plenty of water for overall health.

Beginner Cycle

There are generally 2 types of beginner Dianabol cycles, the first consists of Dianabol alone and the second consists of Dianabol with injectable testosterone enanthate. The second option would be the superior choice, however for people who are scared to inject, the first option would be the only option.

Dianabol Only Cycle:

Dianabol Nolvadex Clomid
Week 1 30mg/day 20mg/day*
Week 2 30mg/day 20mg/day*
Week 3 30mg/day 20mg/day*
Week 4 30mg/day 20mg/day*
Week 5 30mg/day 20mg/day*
Week 6 20mg/day* 50mg/day
Week 7 20mg/day* 50mg/day
Week 8 20mg/day* 50mg/day

Dianabol and Testosterone Enanthate Cycle:

Dianabol Testosterone Enanthate Nolvadex Clomid
Week 1 30mg/Day 500mg/Week 20mg/Day*
Week 2 30mg/Day 500mg/Week 20mg/Day*
Week 3 30mg/Day 500mg/Week 20mg/Day*
Week 4 30mg/Day 500mg/Week 20mg/Day*
Week 5 30mg/Day 500mg/Week 20mg/Day*
Week 6 500mg/Week 20mg/Day*
Week 7 500mg/Week 20mg/Day*
Week 8 500mg/Week 20mg/Day*
Week 9 500mg/Week 20mg/Day*
Week 10 500mg/Week 20mg/Day*
Week 11 20mg/Day*
Week 12 20mg/Day*
Week 13 20mg/Day*
Week 14 20mg/Day 100mg/Day
Week 15 20mg/Day 50mg/day
Week 16 20mg/Day 50mg/day
Week 17 20mg/Day 50mg/day

Intermediate Cycle

The cycle below is aimed at users who have run a few cycles already and know how their body reacts to steroids.

Dianabol Testosterone Enanthate Deca Durabolin Nolvadex Clomid
Week 1 40mg/Day 500mg/Week 300mg/Week 20mg/Day*
Week 2 40mg/Day 500mg/Week 300mg/Week 20mg/Day*
Week 3 40mg/Day 500mg/Week 300mg/Week 20mg/Day*
Week 4 40mg/Day 500mg/Week 300mg/Week 20mg/Day*
Week 5 40mg/Day 500mg/Week 300mg/Week 20mg/Day*
Week 6 500mg/Week 300mg/Week 20mg/Day*
Week 7 500mg/Week 300mg/Week 20mg/Day*
Week 8 500mg/Week 300mg/Week 20mg/Day*
Week 9 500mg/Week 300mg/Week 20mg/Day*
Week 10 500mg/Week 300mg/Week 20mg/Day*
Week 11 20mg/Day*
Week 12 20mg/Day*
Week 13 20mg/Day*
Week 14 20mg/Day*
Week 15 20mg/Day 100mg/Day
Week 16 20mg/Day 50mg/day
Week 17 20mg/Day 50mg/day
Week 18 20mg/Day 50mg/day

*Nolvadex is optional in the above cycles, users sensitive to estrogenic side effects will need nolvadex to combat side effects such as gynecomastia. Make sure to always keep Nolvadex on hand when on a cycle.

Nolvadex and Clomid are taken together at the end of the cycle for the PCT (post cycle therapy), a PCT is a vital part of any steroid cycle. When you take anabolic steroids, your natural testosterone Production is suppressed, once you have discontinued the steroid cycle and the steroids are out of your system, your natural testosterone levels will remain suppressed for a while. A PCT is taken to speed up recovery and to help your body start producing testosterone again. Without using an effective PCT you can expect to lose the majority of your muscle gained from the cycle, get depressed and suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Before commencing with a PCT you first need to wait for the steroids you were using to leave your system. To find out how long to wait you need to look at the half-life of the steroids you were using. A PCT calculator can also be used to determine when to start the PCT.

No matter what steroid cycle you choose to use and follow, without proper training and nutrition you will not get the full benefit of your cycle. Steroids are not a magic pill, they allow your body to push harder in the gym without overtraining, to take advantage of this, you have to change your workouts completely and work out harder than you ever have before.

You need to consume an adequate amount of protein daily to allow your muscles to recover and grow from the grueling workouts. Consuming around 1000 extra calories a day minimum is recommended to help with the muscle growth and strength gains.